Classes and Cost

We have a wide variety of class times to fit into any schedule. Currently all classes are open, but filling fast. When waiting lists for certain class times are needed, it will be listed here.

Classes, including warm-up, usually last 40-50 minutes per session. We offer a variety of workout types throughout the week, but here’s a schedule of how each day usually breaks down:

Monday, Strength and Functional Movement

We’ll bring out the kettlebells and work on strength and functional movement.

Tuesday, Kickboxng and Cardio/Abs

The bags come out, the gloves go on and we get after it! No need to apologize, the bag doesn’t care how hard you hit it!

Wednesday, Challenge Day

If you’re going to miss a class during the week – THIS ISN’T THE ONE! We push ourselves to the limit and see what we are made of with a variety of movements and exercises.

Thursday, Cardio/Abs/Recovery

We’ve put in a hard week thus far, so we’re going to take it easy. And by “take it easy” we mean we’re doing body weight exercises and TRX, cardio, ab work and stability training!

Friday, KB2

We’re bringing the bags back out and mixing in some kettlebell work to get ready for a good weekend. This is the Mis:Fits favorite day of the week!

Saturday, Dealer’s Choice

Saturday can be anything. You can count on it being a good workout!

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